Are there any side effects of Quantum biofeedback?

Quantum biofeedback therapy is an excellent way to achieve physical and mental health, but are there any side effects? To get a reassuring answer, you need to know the essence of biofeedback therapy and how the biofeedback device works! Biofeedback technology allows us to receive feedback on how our body is functioning, which is analysed by the system and allows us to make small changes that improve our health and balance our energies.

Are there any side effects of Quantum biofeedback

There are no side effects of Quantum Biofeedback. This is very important, because often it is precisely to avoid taking various medications that people choose biofeedback therapy, so as not to expose their body to harmful effects.

Quantum biofeedback is completely risk-free and safe to use for almost anyone. For those who are already familiar with the biofeedback device, the question is: is the electric current making the therapy safe for the patient? The answer is NO. Let’s see how Quantum biofeedback works to dispel any doubts!

How does Quantum biofeedback work

In practice, a biofeedback therapy device such as the Quantum biofeedback device can be used to assess the current state of the body painlessly and without the need for needle pricks. The feedback can trigger the body’s self-healing processes, reducing pain and alleviating discomfort.

According to quantum physics-based therapy, all living cells emit vibrations, vibrating at a specific frequency in a healthy, balanced state. In the event of stress, illness, pain or medical complaints, the electrophysiological signals change and by measuring them we can obtain information about the body and the areas that need to be improved.

In practice, the practitioner using the Quantum biofeedback device places sensor straps on the patient’s wrists, ankles and head. These contain ECG, EMG, EEG chips, which are also used in conventional medicine for various tests. The sensors and the computer system linked to them assess the current state of the body, identify deficiencies and problems and involve the individual in their own self-healing process.

To do this, the specialist may give you instructions to change your breathing or your sitting position, for example. Our mind is instructed to correct our body’s faults.

The great benefit of biofeedback therapy is that over time, the patient is able to consciously improve their health through the exercises themselves, and to improve their physical and mental state.

Quantum biofeedback side effects

Biofeedback devices send a very gentle electric current through the body. This creates a feedback loop that searches for problems with the body’s electricity. This could be vitamin deficiencies, stress, poor nutrient levels, inflammation, allergies, addiction for example. The feedback loop may even push cells that are out of balance back to normal.

Many people ask the question, are the electrical impulses used in biofeedback therapy not dangerous?

It can be said with absolute certainty that these electrical signals are harmless to the living organism, are safe to use and have no side effects.

In addition, the voltage used is so low that most patients do not feel anything other than a relaxing, calm atmosphere during biofeedback therapy. Some people feel a slight warm, pleasant sensation during the treatment.

It is worth saying a few words about the benefits of Quantum biofeedback. The test and treatment are completely painless. No needle pricks, no penetration of the body. There is no need to take any medication for the treatment to be effective.

In fact, in many cases, biofeedback therapies can lead to the patient’s other medications being discontinued or reduced.

It is a non-invasive treatment, which can be used alongside regular medication or conventional medical treatment, and is free of side effects.

Quantum biofeedback and pacemakers

A pacemaker, also known as a pacemaker, is an electronic device that continuously monitors the heart rhythm and, if it detects a heartbeat that is too slow, it delivers an electrical pulse to ensure the correct heart rate. It is surgically implanted in the patient.

For people with pacemakers, there are safety rules that must be followed. These include caveats on the use of certain electronic devices, risks associated with passing through anti-theft gates, radiation treatment, the possibility of malfunctions during MR scans, and so on.

Quantum biofeedback should be avoided for pacemaker patients!

The reason for this lies precisely in the electrical impulses. The therapeutic voltage of the device is not high, but it can be disturbing for the pacemaker.